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Perfector Face Lift

The Instant Lift
Perfector Non-Surgical Facelift

Perfector Face Lift is a more natural, non-evasive alternative to the surgical face lift. The Perfector delivers low frequency micro currents to heal, and regenerate tissue offering both a corrective and preventative anti-aging treatment. Six to ten treatments for optimal results.

Perfector's Dramatic Results:

• Erases wrinkles
• Erases dark circles and puffiness
• Thickens thin skin by regenerating tissue
• Removes discolorations, pregnancy and sun spots better than lasers
• Heals Melasma
• Heals Rosasea
• Removes pigmentations and other related skin disorders  

• Heals acne
• Diminishes scars
• Closes open pores and improves skin quality
• Firms and tones the skin
• Semi permanent, requiring only touch-ups every 3-6 months after completion of 10 treatments

PACKAGES: Most clients require three to six treatments for long-lasting results.

1 Session - $95
3 Prepaid Sessions - $225
6 Prepaid Sessions - $390
9 Prepaid Sessions - $580 
12 Prepaid Sessions - $720

Unlike Microdermabrasion and chemical peels which take off layers of skin, the Perfector treatment actually builds up skin layers by healing and encouraging cell revival and regeneration of tissue. And unlike muscle stimulators that offer only temporary improvement, Perfector treatments have been proven to offer long lasting results.

Based on 30 years of micro current research that was initiated on Bell's Palsy and burn victims, Perfector is based on the Nobel Peace Prize winning discovery that the cell membrane contains a specific amount of electricity. Only Perfector offers the cell the specific amount of electricity needed for skin regeneration by automatically adjusting the electrical impulse depending on your skin type and thickness. Developed in England in 1992, it was approved in the US after FDA approval in 2001. The Perfector is rated the safest method for skin rejuvenation.

The Perfector system is the only non-surgical treatment that can be administered to delicate eye skin, making it an excellent solution for puffiness, dark circles and crows feet.

• Cosmopolitan: "The Star Wars of modern facials".

• Health & Fitness Magazine: "A gentle electronic facial that makes you look younger, requires no effort and doesn't hurt".

• Good Housekeeping Magazine: "Made me look as if I'd had the best eight hours sleep of my life!".

• Hello Magazine: "It's pain free and you can see immediate results".

• Company Magazine: "Revitalizes and refreshes your face".

• Best: "The impulses work to lift sagging jaw, cheek and neck muscles and soften superficial lines and wrinkles".

• Financial Times : "At last the no knife face lift". Most of my friends say "Goodness - you look good - what have you done?".

• Here's Health : "Improves the colour and tone of your skin".

• Marie Claire Magazine: "Skin looks fresher and plumper!".

• Health and Lifestyle Magazine: "I can promise you this treatment is going to revolutionize your looks".

Perfector is a cell regeneration system based on the research conducted in London and Oxford Universities after the Nobel Winning Discovery that the cell membrance has electricity. Perfector builds new tissue, lifts sagging muscles and gives you younger looking glowing skin. Within weeks, wrinkles will disappear, acne will heal, discolorations and scars will diminish. Perfector's non-abrasive microdermabrasion detoxifies and deep cleanses the skin from dead cells and impurities without thinning the skin as microdermabrasion and peels eventually do. A number of dermatologists around the USA use the Perfector to treat acne, sun damage, melasma and rosacea.

As we age, skin cell production begins to slow down resulting in a build up of dead skin cells, wrinkles and drooping skin. Perfector produces proliferation of cells by fibroblasts' secretion of proteins such as collagen. Additionally, it works on the nerves and muscle cells to increase tonicity of the fine facial muscles. Clinical research has shown that the results of the Perfector system are not only dramatic but long lasting. Perfector heals and regenerates tissue, it is a corrective and preventive anti-aging treatment unlike other relative systems such as muscle stimulators whose temporary effect acts as a band-aid in the aging process.



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